Tom Selleck Advocates for CBS to Renew Blue Bloods for Another Season

Tom Selleck Advocates for CBS to Renew Blue Bloods for Another Season

Tom Selleck, the beloved actor who portrays Commissioner Frank Reagan on the hit CBS series Blue Bloods, recently expressed his disappointment regarding CBS’s decision to cancel the show after its 14th season. In an interview with CBS News, Selleck voiced his hopes that the network would reconsider its choice and allow the show to continue its successful run. Despite being the third-highest scripted show in all of broadcast television and consistently winning its time slot, CBS announced that Blue Bloods would be coming to an end this fall.

During a press conference outlining the network’s fall schedule, CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach confirmed that Blue Bloods would conclude its run after 14 seasons. While expressing gratitude to the cast and crew for their contributions to the show, Reisenbach emphasized the importance of giving Blue Bloods a proper sendoff. Despite the cast’s plea to reconsider the decision, CBS remained steadfast in its commitment to ending the series in December to refresh its lineup.

The Legacy of Blue Bloods and Its Dedicated Cast

Blue Bloods follows the Reagan family, known for their long-standing history of service in law enforcement in New York City. Alongside Tom Selleck, the show features a talented ensemble cast, including Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, and Len Cariou. The series has resonated with audiences for over a decade, bringing compelling storylines and authentic portrayals of police work to the screen.

As fans anxiously await the fate of Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck remains optimistic that CBS will reconsider its decision to end the series. Despite the network’s desire to make room for new programming, the show’s loyal following and consistent ratings make a compelling case for its continuation. Whether CBS will ultimately grant Blue Bloods another season remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the legacy of Commissioner Frank Reagan and his family will forever remain in the hearts of viewers.


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