Understanding the Tragic Death of Lauri Peterson’s Son Josh

Understanding the Tragic Death of Lauri Peterson’s Son Josh

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star, Lauri Peterson, took to Instagram to share the tragic news of her son Josh’s passing at the age of 35. She expressed her deep sorrow and pain at the loss, emphasizing that no one can ever truly prepare for such a profound feeling of grief. Lauri posted a series of beautiful pictures of Josh throughout his life, highlighting the moments they shared together, including with his daughter Kennady whom Lauri adopted due to his struggles with drug addiction.

Josh had fought tirelessly for most of his adult life to overcome substance abuse disorder. However, on Easter Sunday, the battle became too overwhelming, leading to his untimely death. Lauri acknowledged the challenges of understanding and supporting individuals struggling with addiction, expressing gratitude for those who had shown compassion and empathy towards Josh. She also thanked those who had stood by her side throughout this challenging journey, offering words of encouragement and sharing their own experiences of loss and hardship related to substance abuse disorder.

Despite his difficulties, Josh found immense joy, pride, and purpose in his daughter Kennady. Lauri revealed that Josh took great delight in watching Kennady grow and thrive over the years. She expressed her hope that Josh had finally found the peace he deserved. Currently in the fifth grade, Kennady resides with Lauri and her husband George, providing a source of comfort and solace during this trying time.

Josh’s life was marred by legal troubles, including a recent incident in 2022 where he was caught in possession of fentanyl and methamphetamine, leading to a two-year prison sentence. In 2016, he served four years in prison for attempted murder after shooting a man named Daniel Lopez outside a sober living home. Despite Lauri’s claims that Josh had been wrongly targeted by law enforcement, the legal repercussions of his actions were significant and cast a shadow over his life.

The tragic death of Lauri Peterson’s son Josh serves as a sobering reminder of the devastating impact of substance abuse disorder. It highlights the importance of understanding, compassion, and support for individuals battling addiction, as well as the ripple effects it can have on their loved ones. May Josh rest in peace, and may his story shed light on the complexities of addiction and the need for empathy in addressing these challenges.


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