Unraveling the Story of Cat Jarman: A Closer Look at the Rabbit Hole Detectives Host

Unraveling the Story of Cat Jarman: A Closer Look at the Rabbit Hole Detectives Host

The Rabbit Hole Detectives podcast has gained immense popularity in the world of historical object enthusiasts, with host Charles Spencer leading the charge alongside his close friends Cat Jarman and Reverend Richard Coles. While much is known about Spencer and Coles, Cat Jarman remains somewhat of a mystery to many. Let’s delve deeper into the background and accomplishments of this intriguing podcast host.

Cat Jarman was born in Norway in 1982, but her educational journey took her to the United Kingdom, where she pursued a doctorate in archaeology at the University of Bristol. Her research focused on the Viking Great Army, particularly their presence in Derbyshire during the 9th century. This unique area of study has led her to become an honorary senior research associate at the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology.

A Passion for Viking History

In addition to her podcasting duties, Cat Jarman is deeply immersed in the world of Viking history. She has led excavations at key sites such as Foremark, contributing valuable research that has been featured in various media outlets and even in films like “Britain’s Viking Graveyard”. Cat’s expertise in the field has also landed her a spot as a presenter on the ninth series of Digging for Britain, where she worked alongside Professor Alice Roberts.

Cat Jarman is not just a podcaster and researcher, but also a published author. Her books “River Kings: A New History of the Vikings from Scandinavia to the Silk Roads” and “The Bone Chests: Unlocking the Secrets of the Anglo-Saxons” delve deep into the mysteries of ancient history. While dedicated to her work, Cat is also a family woman, sharing two children with her husband. Despite the challenges of balancing work and parenting, she manages to create special moments for her children, as seen in her beachside escapades with them.

Recent reports suggest a growing closeness between Cat Jarman and Charles Spencer following his divorce from his third wife, Karen Spencer. Their paths crossed when Charles enlisted Cat to excavate parts of Althorp House, adding a layer of intrigue to their professional relationship. Whether this connection will continue to evolve remains to be seen, but it adds an interesting twist to the story of the Rabbit Hole Detectives.

Cat Jarman’s journey from Norway to the UK, her passion for Viking history, her role as a published author, and her personal life reveal a multifaceted individual with a deep connection to the world of historical exploration. As she continues to uncover the mysteries of the past alongside her podcasting companions, her story remains one of intrigue and fascination for those interested in unearthing the secrets of history.


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