Warner Bros Discovery’s Strategic Plans for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games

Warner Bros Discovery’s Strategic Plans for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games

Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) is gearing up for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games with an innovative and comprehensive approach to coverage. The company has announced its plans for “wall-to-wall” broadcasting of the Olympics, promising viewers an immersive experience like never before. Eurosport will be the primary platform for showcasing the games across 47 markets in 19 languages, utilizing Max and Discovery+ as well as traditional television channels. This extensive coverage will amount to a staggering 3,800 hours of content, ensuring that every moment of the events is captured and streamed, including all 329 medal ceremonies in high definition.

One of the key highlights of WBD’s Olympic coverage is the impressive lineup of TV personalities and sports stars who will be leading the commentary and analysis. From Germany’s Boris Becker to the UK’s Laura Woods, Ugo Monye, and Tom Daley, to Sweden’s Carolina Kluft, the team of experts promises to bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to the viewers. Additionally, personalities from countries like France, Spain, Romania, the Netherlands, and Italy-Argentina will also be part of the coverage, providing a truly international perspective on the games.

In a bid to enhance the viewer experience, WBD is introducing several new features for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. On the streaming side, all 32 Olympic sports will have dedicated pages where viewers can access specific events through Max. Gold medal alerts will keep viewers informed about upcoming events, while timeline markers for fifteen sports will allow users to navigate to key moments quickly. Moreover, a curated mix of live events, highlights, and additional coverage will be available on simulcasts of Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 through the apps. Snapchat content will provide behind-the-scenes access, with a daily show available to viewers in the UK and France.

WBD is also ramping up its content offerings with innovative programming tailored to engage viewers. Looney Tunes characters will provide explanations on the performances needed to win in “Looney Tunes: Sports Made Simple” shorts, adding a playful element to the coverage. Additionally, a Eurosport-produced documentary titled “4 August – An Olympic Odyssey” will delve into historic Olympic moments, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the significance of these events. This diverse range of content aims to appeal to a wide audience and keep viewers engaged throughout the games.

Scott Young, Group SVP Content, Production, and Business Operations at WBD Sports Europe, expressed confidence in the company’s ability to deliver a world-class Olympic experience to viewers. With a team of over 100 Olympians providing expert insights and analysis, WBD is poised to offer unparalleled coverage of the games. By leveraging new in-app enhancements, customizable features, and original content, WBD aims to create an immersive and unforgettable Olympic viewing experience for fans across Europe.

Warner Bros Discovery’s approach to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games represents a significant shift in how the event is covered and experienced. With a focus on comprehensive coverage, diverse talent, enhanced viewing features, and innovative content, WBD is poised to set a new standard for Olympic broadcasting. As the games approach, viewers can look forward to a truly immersive and engaging experience that celebrates the spirit of the Olympics like never before.


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