When Taylor Swift Meets Earthquakes: How her Eras Tour Shook Scotland

When Taylor Swift Meets Earthquakes: How her Eras Tour Shook Scotland

Taylor Swift’s recent concerts in Edinburgh during her Eras Tour left a lasting impact, quite literally. According to the British Geological Survey (BGS), Swifties dancing at Murrayfield Stadium caused seismic activity in the Scottish city. The Friday night show was particularly energetic, with 23.4 nanometres (nm) of movement detected, followed closely by Saturday and Sunday’s shows at 22.8 nm and 23.3 nm, respectively. The UK’s national earthquake monitoring agency noted that certain songs like “Ready For It?”, “Cruel Summer”, and “Champagne Problems” were the main culprits behind the seismic activity each night.

During the concert, the song “Ready For It?” generated 160 beats per minute of activity, transmitting approximately 80 kW of power. The BGS likened this amount of power to around 10-16 car batteries. Despite the impressive energy levels, the vibrations were unlikely to have been felt by anyone other than those in the immediate vicinity of the stadium.

After witnessing the incredible support from her fans in Scotland, Taylor Swift took to Instagram to express her gratitude. She commended the audience in Edinburgh for breaking the all-time attendance record for a stadium show in Scotland three times in a row. Each of the three shows had a minimum of 73,000 attendees, making them the most-attended concerts in Scottish history. This overwhelming support and energy from fans is not new to Swift, as similar seismic activity was recorded during her concerts in Seattle back in July 2023.

The Eras Tour has been a monumental journey for Taylor Swift, marked by its 100th performance in Liverpool, England. During this milestone show, Swift revealed that the tour will come to an end in December after three final shows in Vancouver. Reflecting on the tour, Swift described it as the most exhausting yet joyful experience of her career. She acknowledged the bittersweet nature of reaching the end of such a significant chapter in her musical journey.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has not only captivated audiences worldwide but has also made a seismic impact in cities like Edinburgh. The combination of Swift’s powerful performances and the unwavering support of her fans has created a phenomenon that transcends traditional concert experiences. As the tour nears its conclusion, the memory of these seismic concerts will undoubtedly linger in the hearts of Swifties for years to come.


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