Why Ryan Reynolds’ Role as Deadpool Terrified His Own Daughter

Why Ryan Reynolds’ Role as Deadpool Terrified His Own Daughter

Ryan Reynolds, known for his roles in movies like IF and Deadpool, recently shared a scary experience involving his daughter and his infamous Deadpool character. While his role as Cal in IF showcases his wholesome side, his portrayal of Deadpool is a far cry from that, leaving one of his daughters screaming “bloody murder.”

During an appearance on the Today Show, Ryan Reynolds engaged in a conversation with hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie about imaginary friends. He jokingly mentioned that his celebrity kids have various maladaptive coping mechanisms at their disposal. His daughter Betty’s vivid imagination often leads her to believe that there is always someone standing behind Ryan, which sometimes results in horror movie-like reactions.

The Deadpool Suit Scare

While discussing his children’s imaginary friends, Savannah mentioned Deadpool, one of Ryan’s iconic roles. Although Deadpool is not an imaginary friend of his kids, Ryan revealed that his children have been influenced by the character nonetheless. He shared an incident where one of his kids stumbled upon a Deadpool suit, causing a terrifying scream that led Ryan to rush downstairs in panic.

Ryan humorously admitted that his portrayal of Deadpool has “ruined” his kids to some extent. He mentioned owning a Deadpool suit that scared one of his children, showcasing the unintended consequences of his role as the iconic anti-hero. Despite the scare, Ryan and his wife Blake Lively continue to navigate parenthood with humor and love.

Ryan and Blake, who have been married since 2012, are proud parents to four children. Their daughters James, Inez, and Betty are known to the public, while the fourth child’s name remains a mystery. During his Today Show appearance, Ryan playfully teased about the ongoing speculation regarding Taylor Swift’s involvement in revealing their fourth child’s name.

Taylor Swift’s Influence

Taylor Swift, a close friend of the Reynolds-Lively family, has a history of subtly revealing the couple’s children’s names in her songs. Inez and Betty’s names were first disclosed in Taylor’s song “Betty” from her 2020 album folklore. The mystery surrounding the fourth child’s name has sparked speculation among fans, with Ryan humorously suggesting that they are waiting for Taylor to make an announcement regarding the name.

Ryan Reynolds’ dual roles as a wholesome father figure in real life and a mischievous anti-hero on screen provide an interesting dynamic for his family. The unexpected fright caused by his Deadpool suit serves as a reminder of the blurred lines between fantasy and reality in the world of show business. Despite the scares and surprises, the Reynolds-Lively family continues to embrace humor and love in their parenting journey.


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