Why Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Son Sonny Decided to Move Out

Why Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Son Sonny Decided to Move Out

Sonny Ellis Bextor, the eldest son of singer Sophie Ellis Bextor and her husband Richard Jones, recently made a decision to move out of his family home and live with his grandmother, Janet Ellis. In a candid interview, the 20-year-old revealed that he felt the need for more space as he approached the end of his school education. He mentioned that at home, three of his brothers shared a room, and the house was constantly bustling with activity. This lack of privacy and quiet time prompted him to consider the option of moving in with his grandmother, who he has always considered a second home.

Despite the significant change of living arrangements, Sonny mentioned that the transition has been relatively smooth. He highlighted that there are no strict house rules at his grandmother’s place, but he does contribute by helping out with household chores like laundry and washing up. Additionally, Sonny shared that his family, including his parents and siblings, visit him regularly, maintaining a strong sense of connection and support despite living separately.

When asked about his future plans, Sonny admitted that he is unsure of how long he will stay with his grandmother. He expressed a desire to eventually move out to somewhere nice, but acknowledged that it would come with financial implications. Despite considering the possibility of leaving, Sonny emphasized that he would miss the comfort and familiarity of his grandmother’s home, as well as the close bond they share. Reflecting on the situation, he noted that his relationship with his grandmother has grown even stronger since moving in with her.

Former Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis, Sonny’s grandmother, shed light on the circumstances that led to his relocation. She revealed that the idea was initially suggested by Sophie Ellis Bextor, Sonny’s mother, as a way to provide him with more space and quietude as he completed his schooling. Janet explained that their family home, which had previously been lively and full, felt empty following the passing of her husband in 2020. The decision for Sonny to live with her was not made out of discord within the family but rather to accommodate his need for a different living environment.

Sophie Ellis Bextor, the famous singer and mother of five, including Sonny, shared her thoughts on her son’s decision to move out. She mentioned that while their household is always active and bustling with energy, it was important for Sonny to have his own space, especially as he was nearing the end of his school years. Sophie expressed her support for Sonny’s choice to live with her mother, describing the move as “quite wholesome” and emphasizing the close proximity between their homes.

Sonny Ellis Bextor’s decision to move out of his family home and live with his grandmother appears to be a thoughtful choice made to accommodate his need for space and quiet reflection. The support and understanding shown by his family, including his mother Sophie and grandmother Janet, highlight the importance of open communication and flexibility within family dynamics. As Sonny navigates this new chapter in his life, he carries with him the love and connection of his family, ensuring that he has a strong foundation to build upon as he explores his future possibilities.


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