Will Smith Fondly Remembers Working with Canine Co-Star

Will Smith Fondly Remembers Working with Canine Co-Star

Will Smith recently shared his admiration for his canine scene partner, Abbey, from the 2007 movie I Am Legend. He referred to Abbey as “a brilliant actress” and even expressed his desire to adopt her due to her exceptional talent on set. Smith reminisced about Abbey’s ability to understand English, making their on-screen chemistry all the more captivating.

In a touching tribute to Abbey on National Pet Day, Smith posted a video montage of their time together, accompanied by an emotional song. He affectionately referred to Abbey as “the goodness girl,” highlighting the special bond they shared during the filming of I Am Legend. Despite his fondness for Abbey, Smith was unable to adopt her as she was a crucial member of her own family.

Smith revealed the intricacies of filming emotional scenes with Abbey, particularly one where his character had to overcome the loss of his loyal companion. Describing Abbey as a “brilliant actress,” Smith marveled at her ability to portray complex emotions and actions, such as going limp on cue. His admiration for Abbey’s talent and professionalism enhanced the authenticity of their on-screen partnership.

Following the success of I Am Legend, Smith and Michael B. Jordan were announced to co-produce and co-star in a sequel to the film. Jordan expressed his excitement about the project, emphasizing his admiration for Smith as a mentor and collaborator. While details about the sequel are still being fine-tuned, both actors are enthusiastic about the opportunity to work together on this highly anticipated sequel.

Will Smith’s fond memories of working with Abbey serve as a testament to the remarkable bond between actors and their animal co-stars. The genuine admiration and respect he holds for Abbey’s talent highlight the invaluable contributions that animals make to the entertainment industry. As Smith and Jordan gear up for the I Am Legend sequel, fans can anticipate another thrilling cinematic experience with these two talented actors at the helm.


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